Pit Remediation

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Pit Remediation

Drilling is one of the major operations in upstream Oil and Gas in KRG industry that can potentially impact the environment through generation of different types of wastes. Waste management is technology of treating disposing off drilling operation’s wastes to meet regional and international environmental regulations criteria to safe human and the nature of Kurdistan from drilling waste impacts. Efficiently separating disposal solid and waste from usable fluids materially impacts projects and fluids performance, leveraging in house mechanical and thermal expertise, Landvin significantly reduces waste disposal volumes and increase fluids recovery and reuse, resulting in substantial cost savings for operator clients.

Landvin works closely with rig operator, service contracts and operator clients to customize integrated drilling and waste management configurations for optimal fluid recovery, reduced dilution rates, less waste generation and lower costs Currently Landvin focusing is on the Pit remediation projects with Various customers across Kurdistan, the potential of investing in treating the cutting pits for the drilling operations in Kurdistan is what drove Landvin to focus on the area that added value to both the customers and the country. Landvin had performed several projects with different operators where they prove capability and success.

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Pit Remediation