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GPR Survey

Unlock the hidden secrets beneath surfaces with our advanced Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology. Using radio waves, our detection method precisely identifies buried or concealed components within structures or beneath various surfaces. Our GPR solutions boast the capability to detect a broad spectrum of objects, both metallic and non-metallic, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. Explore the depths with confidence, as our GPR technology offers unparalleled accuracy and versatility, ensuring comprehensive detection for your diverse needs. Whether you are involved in construction, environmental management, archaeology, or infrastructure maintenance, our GPR solutions provide the insights you need to make informed decisions and enhance project efficiency. Join us on a journey of innovation and precision. Contact Landvin today to explore how our cutting-edge GPR solutions can elevate your projects to new heights.

GPR Capability

  • Search for subservices and telecommunications.
  • Structural engineering analysis (buildings, bridges, dams, etc.).
  • Search for hidden objects and analysis of metallic and non-metallic buried objects (pipes, voids, constructions, etc.).
  • Foundation analysis and structural investigations.
  • Location of armor in construction.
  • Search for underground constructions (tunnels, sewers, etc.).
  • Search for sources of leaks from pipes using indirect signs (excessive humidity).
  • Investigations into landslides.
  • Search and localization of gaps, cracks, and heterogeneous inclusions.
  • Search for buried historical structures.
  • Exploration of the land structure in basements.
  • Profiling of subsurface deposits.


Adaptable, high-performance GPR for Geophysical Surveys